About Us

The Keeping Company

In 2009, Caleb Voskamp, son of Christian author and blogger Ann Voskamp, founded a little company called JoyWares. JoyWares began by making beautiful silver jewellery and Advent and Lent wreaths -  heirlooms to enable families everywhere to start new, engaging, and meaningful Christmas and Easter traditions. 

Wanting to see JoyWares’ profits doing Kingdom work, Caleb travelled to Haiti with his family and, inspired by the hope and joy of the children there, decided to use part of the profits to sponsor 12 children through Compassion International. 

JoyWares, now known as The Keeping Company, is still owned and operated by Caleb and his wife Melba, with the help of family and ffriends. 

These days, The Keeping Company supports people in need on a bigger scale by filling stables instead, through the work of Compassion International. This empowers those in poverty to change their circumstances by harvesting eggs and milk, growing herds, and supplying their own food sustainably.

Our Mission & Vision: 

The mission of The Keeping Company is to make beautiful heirloom pieces to help your family keep company – joyful and grateful company – with Jesus Christ, and to use your support to serve God’s saving purpose in the world. 

Through Compassion International, The Keeping Company fills stables around the world while working ceaselessly to ensure that our collection of handcrafted holiday pieces is made with careful attention to quality, craftsmanship, and beauty for your home.