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How do I use the wreath?

Feel free to use the wreath in whichever way is best for your family to create a meaningful tradition for your family!  However, as a guide, perhaps you'd like to read our suggested use guide?

Where did you get the tray/Lazy Susan you put your wreath on?  

We got the Lazy Susan from DaySpring, who has since discontinued selling them, however an almost identical one can be found on Amazon here.  

Do you sell candles to go with the wreath?

Yes we do :)  We have a numbered advent candle, that comes with a copper candle sleeve that slides around the candle to catch any stray wax droplet that may drip.  

What if you're out of stock?

If we're out of stock, or you'd like to find your own candles, or need candles for lent, the diameter of candle (at the base) needs to be 3/4" (in metric, ~19mm). We recommend this set of candles from Amazon or if you would like *all the candles* this mega-pack of candles could be useful.

If beeswax candles are what you are looking for, this may also be helpful.  

Other candle products you might find useful:

  • If you would just like to use the 3/4 inch holes as day markers and use tea lights instead, these Glass Tea Light Candle Holders and Beeswax Votives may be useful.
  •  If you are using irregular candle sizes that are just a bit small for the holes, this Candle Adhesive to safely and cleanly secure candles might be just the thing.

I have my own candles, but they don't quite fit?

We've had the occasional issue with this ourselves (perhaps the hole is a little too small, or the candles aren't quite the right size. If the candles are just a little oversized, perhaps try paring down the base of the candle with a small knife? (If you do this, make certain the base of the candle fits securely in the wreath; otherwise the candle may fall over while lit and be an extreme fire hazard.) Or if your candles are a little too small, try using a scrap of cloth wrapped around the base of the candle to fill the extra space (again, heeding the above warning about improperly secured candles).

Do you ship to my (non-US) country?

Yes, we ship to Canada, the US, and most other countries around the world.  Shipping outside of Canada and the US is rather pricey, but we do take a small loss on shipping on most international orders, so please rest assured, shipping is generally less than cost on international orders.

Where did you get the tiny we Christmas tree you use with the ornaments? 

The exact version we got is this one, but it has gone up in price since we got it.  After a bit of research, this version is the most affordable, and for what I thought was the best option for being quite beautiful, and is reasonably affordable (it's on sale for $69 with free shipping until November 17th) is this one.

Do you still make Eucharisteo bracelets?

Short answer: We aren't at this time, but are looking for ways to do so that will ensure high quality, heirloom bracelets.

Long answer: it's a complex multi-step process to make the bracelets, and we had difficulty making consistently high-quality engraving on the bracelets, so for the time being we've decided to discontinue them.

Helpful answer: while we don't offer them for sale currently, we anticipate being able to do so in January 2020.  Sign up on this specific email notification list here to be notified when they become available.