These carefully curated quotes from various Christian thinkers are the perfect addition to your daily routine of prayer, meditation, and devotion. They can be framed, pinned to a bulletin board, or tucked into a journal or Bible. These quotes are printed on high quality textured linen cards in beautiful hand-lettered black ink, which adds an element of the artistic to any contemplative space. There are four Notes to the Soul packs; each pack demonstrates a theme befitting different chapters in life, and each quote is a gentle reminder to focus on Christ daily. Each pack comes with six quotes of various Christian thinkers, and are a beautiful and tender addition to a prayer or devotion space, or one's study room.  

Gratitude Pack - For rejoicing and giving thanks for all that God has given us. 

Courage Pack - When there are hard seasons in life, these words of courage can build up the soul.

In His Word Pack - These quotes speak to how precious His word is, how it gives us life, and the necessity of staying in His Word daily.  

Hope Pack - A reminder to reaffirm the faith we have in Christ, that He will fulfill His promises, provide for us, and give us strength day by day.  

The Notes for the Soul come in 5 x 7 prints, and are printed in rich black hand-lettering on heavy, textured linen paper.

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